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Beneficial Apartment Maintenance Tips For Greenwood Residents

July 08, 2022
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Getting assistance from an on-property maintenance team is one of the most prevalent and vital amenities you benefit from when residing in an apartment in Greenwood. Still, even when you have a dependable apartment maintenance team, it’s frequently more efficient to handle little things yourself. In addition, there are a few actions you can take to lessen the probability of calling with an emergency. Follow these apartment maintenance tips for Greenwood Residents and take care of your apartment between maintenance visits.

Drain Tips To Avert Plumbing Emergencies

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Everyone dreads a backed up pipe. To avoid an emergency maintenance call, keep drains clear. Don’t place grease from cooking, potato peels, onion skins, coffee grounds, or non-food substances into the disposal or drain. Utilize a hair catcher within the tub drain and keep a toilet plunger on hand. In the event the temperature drops to 20 degrees or under in winter, keep your faucets running at a thin stream or drip to keep your pipes from freezing.

If you do get a clogged or slow drain, don’t use an abrasive heavy-duty cleaning agent that could harm pipes. Instead, dispatch a half-cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by an equal amount of white vinegar. After the bubbling has subsided, clear the residue with lots of hot water.

Maintain Appliances To Avoid Breakdowns

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The better you take care of your apartment appliances, the better they work. Always use your devices as intended and give them a regular cleaning. Remove sizeable food remnants off of dishes before placing them onto the racks of the dishwasher. Don’t overstuff your freezer, and defrost it on occasion to allow it to work more efficiently. Clean your stove and oven on a regular basis. You should also clean off the lint trap each time you operate your unit’s dryer. These small chores will prevent dirt and debris from wearing down your appliances faster.

Keep Creepy Crawlies Away With Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

Chances are you like seeing the many different life forms while exploring your lovely apartment community, but that doesn’t mean you want any unwanted guests in your apartment! You can stave off the majority bug and rodent invasions by clearing food remnants off countertops and floors, taking out the trash frequently, and storing your snacks, baking supplies and other food in resealable baggies or jars. When you do get an infrequent incursion of annoying pests, many common bug control devices will solve the issue in a day or two.

Keep Air Circulating In The Bathroom

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Moisture lives in apartment bathrooms. Even sizeable Greenwood apartment designs might come with space-saving bathrooms with less than ample ventilation to air things out. This results in plenty of moist areas.

Some basic Greenwood apartment maintenance tips can aid in keeping your bathroom as dry as possible. Always turn on the fan whenever you bathe and leave the bathroom door agape after you finish. Hang wet towels and launder them on a regular basis. You should also clean your bathroom surfaces often. If you observe any mildew, treat it immediately with all-purpose vinegar, which goes into permeable bathroom surfaces more successfully than bleach and is non-toxic.

Consult The Professionals For Extra Apartment Maintenance Tips In Greenwood

Any time you see a representative of your maintenance division, check if they can offer any apartment maintenance tips for Greenwood Residents like yourself. They know how to care for your building and community better than any other person! There’s a good chance your professionals could have a tip for fixing a slow drain or mention a worthwhile pest repellent.

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