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How to Decide on a Lease Length in Greenwood

If you have started the search for a Greenwood apartment, you have a multitude of choices to consider. In what neighborhood would you like to move to? How much square footage would you like? What features are you looking for? And don’t forget, what lease duration are you looking for?

Luckily, it’s easy to decide lease length in Greenwood by thinking about the positives and downsides of short-term and long-term leases. Learn more about these leasing options and how to decide which makes the most sense for you.

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Does a Short-Term Lease Make Sense?

Are you hesitant to agree to a longer lease duration? A short lease will probably work for you. These options are for fewer than six months. Leasing agreements of 30 days are commonly described as month-to-month leases, meaning they run out and have to be renewed each month.

Shorter agreements offer Greenwood Residents the most flexibility since you aren’t tied down for very long. You probably need a short-term rental like this if you are facing a major change in your life like an unexpected job offer in a different town. One more circumstance you might need a short lease is when you already sold your house but can’t move into your new one yet.

A primary downfall to shorter contracts is that they typically cost more. In addition, leases of six months or less are not as common, so you might have to settle for a location that isn’t your first choice just to enjoy the lease terms you desire.

Short leases make sense for tenants who know their living situation is temporary and have already started the process for obtaining a more permanent residence.

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Do I Need a Long Lease?

Many people who are trying to decide on lease length in Greenwood choose long-term contracts. Long leases typically last up to two years and have many advantages.

Your rates are typically less expensive. Longer lease terms are also frequently available, so you can expect to locate a location you enjoy when you’re willing to sign long-term leases.

The drawback to longer terms is the lack of flexibility. You are in agreement for a specified amount of time. When life takes an unexpected turn, and you have to move out, you will probably need to incur a hefty charge.

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How Can I Decide on the Best Lease Length for Me in Greenwood?

The smartest lease option for you accommodates your current situation as well as your housing demands in the future. Consider the ensuing questions to determine your needs and whether a short lease or long lease makes sense for you:

  • How long do I plan to live in my apartment?

  • How much can I afford for a short-term rental?

  • Are there circumstances where I could need to move suddenly and cut the lease short?

  • In the event I was to break a long lease, can I afford the fees?

  • Does a temporary rental make sense, or am I better off with a more permanent solution?

  • Can I get a short lease in Greenwood?

  • Would I accept a less ideal location just for the flexibility of a shorter lease agreement?

Find the Right Lease Length for You in Greenwood

Whether you need a temporary rental while making an exciting change in your life or a location you plan to live at for years , Verge Luxury Flats has smart lease choices for you. Request a consultation with one of our leasing specialists by calling (317) 751-1744 or by clicking the “schedule a tour” button.
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