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Six Effective Apartment Kitchen Ideas For Greenwood Renters

September 14, 2020

Kitchen in a Greenwood apartment

You deserve better. Just because you're leasing doesn't mean your kitchen has to be anything short of gourmet. With a few smart apartment kitchen ideas for your Greenwood apartment, you will be ready to serve up your favorite dish in style – despite the size of your cooking area. Dazzle your visitors at your next gathering with your impeccable use of space and sense of style by using just a few simple tips.

Keep reading to find six easy tips on how to freshen up your kitchen area, no matter how big the space is or your floor plan.


Take Stock Of Your Most Frequently Used Kitchen Tools

Do you like to combine ingredients in a crock and come home to a delicious dish that's hot and ready? Have you not used your toaster in over a month? You should consider which cooking tools and appliances you use regularly and put the remaining items away in a cabinet or closet. Not only will this create more room, but you'll save on cleaning time.


Consider An Island For Your Greenwood Apartment Kitchen

Model living room in Greenwood.

When counter space is needed, adding an island to your kitchen will often create the versatility you need. You can add more adaptability to your apartment kitchen by getting an island with wheels. These popular upgrades can easily double as a serving station, extra table, or they can be rolled out of the way when more room for guests is needed.


Save Space with a Knife Strip

One of the most innovative apartment kitchen ideas for your Greenwood apartment is to trade in the bulky knife block for a clever, wall-hung knife strip. You will find that professional kitchens take advantage of them for their unique function. Regardless of the shape or placement, a knife strip will bring a distinctive touch to any kitchen. Just pay attention and ensure you hang it out of reach of children!


Add A Peg Board To Free Up Space

When you need more space, hanging a pegboard is likely to be an effective solution. Pegboards will support enough weight to attach pots and pans or be used to showcase your mugs or glassware in a unique display. A mix of hanging plants next to your commonly-used utensils can allow you to hide your tools in plain sight. A pegboard adds functional style to any apartment kitchen in a distinct manner.


Use Your Sink As A Cutting Area

Model kitchen in Greenwood
Sinks of all types can double as an extra area for any job. Consider a sink cover for stacking plates or use as a prep station. When you need your sink back, stash the top back in a storage area. You can even place your existing cutting board lengthwise over your sink for a suitable sink cover.

Save Space With Backless Stools

[[Sitting room in Greenwood apartments.

Backless counter stools for your Greenwood apartment kitchen bar are a fantastic way to conserve valuable space without sacrificing either style or seating. Then tuck them underneath the kitchen bar when not in use.

Enjoy A Nicer Apartment Kitchen By Relocating To Verge Luxury Flats

If you've implemented these apartment kitchen ideas in Greenwood and you're still not happy with your space, request a tour and discover the options at Verge Luxury Flats. When you’re here, you'll see our kitchens' newer appliances and tasteful touches. Take the first step by placing a call to 317-751-1744 or clicking the "schedule a tour button." Is visiting in person not possible? We are pleased to provide virtual tours!