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Important Questions To Ask When Leasing An Apartment In Greenwood

April 20, 2022
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You’ve discovered the ideal apartment in Greenwood, and now all you have to do is sign the lease! But wait a moment. Before you pick up a pen, be sure you know what you’re agreeing to. After all, you’ll enjoy your apartment living experience more when you are ready for it. So before signing any papers, come prepared with these questions to ask when leasing an apartment in Greenwood.

What Are My Choices For Paying Rent And How Do Late Fees Work Late?

Gray and blue bedroom at Highpointe Apartments. 

Good Greenwood apartment communities have several payment methods so paying rent is as convenient as possible, including auto-pay and electronic options. Ask your new community what methods they offer and how your preferred option works. You might also want to inquire about if you’ll be charged a convenience fee for electronic payments.

You also should understand your community’s tardy rent policy. Many communities have a ”grace period” and then a late fee that grows with time. Find out when rent is due and what to do if you have a hardship that will interfere with paying your rent on time.

What Is The Guest Policy For Your Greenwood Apartment And Can They Use The Pool?

 Red and beige recreation room at Hamilton Luxury Apartments.

If you like to host loved ones for weeks at a time, you should check your community’s guest policy. Most leases don’t allow guests to stay with you for more than 3 days without notifying the property manager for extended visits. There are also guest policies for enjoying community amenities such as the pool, fitness center, or clubhhouse. If you want to bring your training buddy to try the treadmills, ask if guests are allowed first. Or, if your kid wants a poolside birthday party, inquire about how many guests you can invite as well as their policies and procedures.

What Is The Pet Policy?

Boy and girl playing with a golden retriever puppy on a rug in a living room 

On the topic of friends, want to know about your animal ones? If your community is pet-friendly, be sure Max fits within their standards. Some communities have breed and size restrictions. You should also ask about pet fees and rules for exercising and cleaning up after your pet. The most pet-friendly Greenwood apartments have things like dog parks or runs for socialization and bags near trash cans for cleaning up after them.

Does The Community Have Any Parking Policies?

xterior of Riverview apartments during the daytime. 

Many apartment complexes implement parking policies to keep things fair for all Residents. They may assign parking spaces, issue Resident parking permits, enforce designated guest parking, and limit how many vehicles you can keep on the property. Some apartment communities in Greenwood provide shelterd parking for a price. Review your parking options and the rules before moving in with your extra car or inviting guests over.

How Do I Make Maintenance Requests, And How Do They Enter My Home?

All apartments need repairs at times. Before you move in, ask how maintenance requests work there. Ask how to submit a request, how soon to expect a response, and if there is a 24/7 emergency number.

You should also ask how the maintenance team will enter your apartment. Discuss if they will notify you ahead of time and if they will leave a note explaining that they were there when they leave. You may not own your apartment, you should always have good communication with your maintenance team about submitted and completed service requests.


Bring The Questions You Want To Ask When Leasing An Apartment In Greenwood To Verge Luxury Flats

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