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What Are The Benefits Of Living In A Downtown Apartment In Greenwood?

August 31, 2022
 Midtown Flats bird eye view of the building and sidewalks.

When you look for an apartment in Greenwood, your locale is just as critical as the apartment itself. For people who love the thrill and centrality of a city lifestyle, finding a place downtown is a smart choice. You’ll cherish unique amenities and living next to event centers, necessary shops and service providers, and many job opportunities when you have an apartment in downtown Greenwood.

You’ll Have Access To Special Amenities In An Apartment In Downtown Greenwood

Penrose on Mass balcony cityscape view on a sunny day. 

Numerous downtown apartments are high or mid-rise buildings. Making your home in a property with multiple floors comes with several unique features. For one, the more elevated your unit is, the more incredible your views of the city. You’ll also never have to use the steps because high or mid-rise apartment buildings are equipped with elevators. You could even discover a greater sense of togetherness with your neighbors since you all share the same building and will come across each other in the halls and when using the elevator.

Your downtown apartment might also have perks you don’t see in the suburbs, like a doorman or concierge service. Many downtown apartment buildings also feature retail spaces or eateries on the ground floor that you may visit without stepping outside.

You’ll Always Find Plenty of Fun Activities

Birdeye view of Riverview apartments in downtown Indy. 
Cities are exciting places to live because there’s a range of entertainment. Within a short distance, you will discover superb stores, cafes, live performance, concert halls, nightclubs, art galleries, parks, and other sights and attractions. Downtown spaces also host various events like conventions, festivals, parades, markets, and street fairs.

As the majority of folks must drive to see these things, they’ll be squarely in your backyard when you live in an apartment in downtown Greenwood! You’ll get your choice of food options when you don’t want to cook and can spontaneously decide to go out for a concert during the week. Or gain inspiration from artistic and cultural events occurring right across the street. You could even find yourself entertaining more as people you know drop in when going to enjoy downtown functions or encourage you to show them around your bustling locale.

Eliminate Drive Time And Gas Costs By Going On Foot

 Midtown Flats bird eye view of the building and sidewalks. 
In addition to downtown Greenwood having much to experience, dining, shopping, and entertainment venues are close together. Chances are you’ll live a short walk from numerous shops, service providers, and hangouts when you select a downtown apartment. Not every individual can stroll down the block to grab a coffee, go to an appointment, and shop for more pet food. You will reduce gas costs and save time by finding a place downtown. Plus, going on foot is beneficial to the environment and your body.

Benefit From A Shorter Commute

Exterior of Waverly Apartments' residential parking with cars. 

Speaking of gas savings, you may encounter a more reasonable commute if you stay in a downtown apartment in Greenwood. City centers boast an increased amount of business opportunities as many enterprises set up offices within larger towns. If you currently have a job downtown, moving there shortens your commute. If you ever have to get a new employer, there’s a strong likelihood you are able to locate one a short distance from your downtown apartment.

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