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When To Call Maintenance In Your Greenwood Apartment

October 08, 2020

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If you rent a studio, one-bedroom, or multi-bedroom apartment, it may be less time than you think before you require a repair. But, do you know when to call maintenance in your Greenwood apartment?

Without question, significant problems, like HVAC and water leaks, justify a call, but what about those minor annoyances? Should you report burnt-out lights or fraying carpet? Is it smart to try and fix things yourself? 

Call Maintenance For Your Greenwood Apartment When These Issues Arise

Minor bathroom sink repair.

When you discover a considerable concern – primarily those of a structural nature -- it's usually covered as part of your tenant agreement. The following are common issues a renter might encounter:

  • Water damage and leaks: If you discover water entering from the roof or you encounter a malfunctioning toilet or fridge that causes water damage in your apartment, notify maintenance without hesitation.

  • Furnace and AC problems: In the event your air conditioner crashes, or your heat won't turn on, it’s time to make the call. Even if it's pleasant outside, your HVAC should still work correctly.

  • Faulty plumbing: When the toilet is clogged, attempt to clear it with your plunger. If you have no luck, contact maintenance. You should also get assistance for those persistent kitchen, bathroom or shower drips.

  • Insects and unwanted guests: Some pests can get into your apartment by hitching a ride on your shoes or your pet's coat. But if you notice any infiltrating insects and pests -- like roaches, wasps, ants, or rodents – it’s likely time for your property manager to contact an exterminator.

  • Broken appliances: If your freezer won't cool or your stovetop fails to heat up, it's time to call maintenance. Appliances that are part of the apartment are usually covered, but smaller appliances you brought in – a coffee machine, microwave, mini fridge – is up to you to repair or replace.

  • Faulty doors or windows: Your front and patio doors should function as intended. If swelling, water, or basic wear-and-tear prevents them from easily functioning, they should be replaced. Windows should have the same expectations.

  • Wall and flooring concerns: If you find drywall damage or a flooring concern, contact the maintenance team. Frayed carpet might require replacement, especially if it exposes a carpet tack.


What Should You Fix Yourself?

Furnace filter being changed.

Not every problem warrants a call for help. Although some rental companies are willing to help with a range of small jobs like lightbulb replacement, it’s often less convenient to have to schedule a maintenance for low-stress tasks. These are some common issues that you could do yourself:
  • Lighting: When lights burn out, they can be replaced at your leisure. But keep in mind, if your light appears to burn through bulbs, you should reach out to the management staff to find out if you have electrical problems. It’s smart to investigate if maintenance supplies light bulbs in the event they need changing as special bulbs are at times required.

  • Clogged toilets and drains: If the toilet stops flushing properly, your first step is a plunger. Likewise, you may need some drain cleaning product to remove the clog from the drain. If you need a drain snake, call maintenance to avoid pipe damage.

  • Furnace filters: Unless specified in your renter’s agreement, you're responsible for replacing the filter in your HVAC system. A dirty filter will restrict airflow and make your rooms uncomfortable. If the filter is opaque, it's time for a new one. Your maintenance technicians may supply and replace filters for you, so be sure to ask.

  • Cleaning: Sad to say, cleaning your Greenwood apartment is a job for you. Keep in mind you should clean your interior and exterior patio space.


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